Wines & Whiskies

Le verre de vin

The Marcliffe at Pitfodels proudly presents the only wine preservation system available, that preserves both still and sparkling wines.

This allows us to offer a unique service to our clients, whereby we can sell by the glass; a carefully chosen selection of wines each with their own characteristics. Years of development have created a product that removes exactly the right amount of air from the opened bottle. This ensures that the wines are as fresh as the original corked wine.

Our sommelier will be pleased to offer you wines of your choice from the list below at ¼ of the bottle price listed per glass, so that all may experience great wines of the world. (All wines are served at 175ml).

Here’s to memorable drinking!


The exact origins of distillation are lost in time, and nobody knows exactly when the art of distilling was first practised in Scotland. What is certain is that the Ancient Celts practiced distilling, and had an expressive name for the fiery liquid they produced – uisge beatha – meaning the water of life.

Over the years, the art of distilling in Scotland has been perfected, and uisge beatha has evolved into Scotch Whisky – a drink made only in Scotland, but enjoyed around the world.


Marcliffe Hotel 2015 Wine List